A central part of our organization is contributing to the surrounding community. We make quilts and stuffed animals for needy children, chemo caps for cancer patients, walker and wheelchair bags for nursing homes, tote bags and pillowcases for foster children ̶ wherever the need may be.

September is National Sewing Month and that brings the opportunity to interact with the community. We offer sewing classes in various locations in our area.

Give Kids the World Village is a non-profit resort that provides cost-free, week-long vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Approximately 21,000 Wish pillows are given away each year to visiting children. You can view the video on constructing these pillows here:





We sew covers for IV bags so children in the hospital won’t be so intimidated by the procedure.




Click here for IV Bag Cover instructions.




chemoClick here for chemo cap instructions.

Chemo caps are for cancer patients to cover their heads while their hair grows back. These are attractive as well as adding warmth.





One of our favorite projects is sewing pillowcases for children. For video directions on how to make a burrito-style pillowcase, visit: http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/millionpillowcases/video/roll-it-up-video.html


Click here fanti-ouch pouchor Anti-Ouch Pouch instructions.

These pouches aid women who have had mastectomies.